Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Hugo & His Derrière

Strangers I meet...... On a recent flight from Santa Barbara to DC a road warrior's worst fear came to pass..."Hugo", as we'll call him sat on my laptop and shattered the screen into what looked like a screen saver of the Northern lights. A small metal box with high security 20,000 feet in the air is not really the place to lose your mind and start a fight with a man who looks like a biker/pro wrestler turned corporate. Undoubtedly I would have lost. Instead we ordered drinks and tried to think of all the positives of smashing a computer and losing all your data at the start of a week long business trip. Turns out the list is short. "Hugo" works for a large credit card company which fortunately can afford to fix the mistakes of their employee's large derrière. Had this been one of the 7 million kids traveling to DC to be shuffled through the monuments by a sleep deprived teacher I might be up a creek. Onward.

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